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How divorce differs for LGBTQ couples

Many people in Ohio choose to end their marriages in divorce, including both heterosexual and same-sex couples. However, there are some important differences between heterosexual and LGBTQ divorces that people should know. Lesbian vs. gay male divorces Researchers in...

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Special issues in LGTBQ divorce

When you first get married, divorce is likely a topic that was never on your mind. However, as the years go by, things change. If you've found yourself getting ready to undergo a divorce in the state of Ohio as an LGTBQ spouse, life may seem very difficult. Since...

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Problems specific to same-sex divorces

Divorce is never easy for couples in Ohio who decide to end their marriages. But some separations prove to be much more complicated than others. This fact can become especially relevant for individuals dissolving same-sex marriages. Same sex divorce: A brief history...

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Warning signs of divorce

No matter how happy you and your spouse were when you first tied the knot, things can change. Same-sex couples in Ohio experience many hardships during marriage, some of which leave it impossible to continue their union. Divorce typically doesn’t blindside the...

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Busting myths about divorce

Around the country, people have misconceptions about divorce. Ohio is no exception to the rule. There are many myths about divorce and the circumstances surrounding it that simply don't match up to reality. These include who initiates divorces and what the outcome of...

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