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Busting myths about divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2020 | Divorce |

Around the country, people have misconceptions about divorce. Ohio is no exception to the rule. There are many myths about divorce and the circumstances surrounding it that simply don’t match up to reality. These include who initiates divorces and what the outcome of a divorce can be.

Who files for divorce?

Women are likelier to file for divorce than men are. This is true in both heterosexual and homosexual marriages. Women file about 65% of all divorces. In opposite-sex marriages, one factor that affects this statistic is that men are more likely to act out. They also are more prone to being involved in things like alcohol abuse, physical altercations and drug addiction than women are.

Does cohabiting prevent divorce?

The research shows that people who live together before getting married are actually more likely to divorce. No one knows exactly why this is the case. A likely reason is that these couples see cohabiting relationships as less than permanent. That may affect their view of marriage compared to more conservative couples.

How does divorce impact children?

Having children places more stress on a marriage and can actually precipitate a divorce. Studies show that children from intact families are much less likely to divorce themselves later on. Children of divorced parents also have a higher probability of developing personal problems as they grow up. Being part of a stepfamily offers little to no protection from this phenomenon.

Getting through a divorce is always a challenge no matter who files or why, which is why it’s important to retain an experienced divorce attorney. An experienced advocate may be able to get the desired result for his or her clients.


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