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Warning signs of divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2021 | Divorce |

No matter how happy you and your spouse were when you first tied the knot, things can change. Same-sex couples in Ohio experience many hardships during marriage, some of which leave it impossible to continue their union. Divorce typically doesn’t blindside the involved parties; there are warning signs you can look for that indicate your marriage may be in trouble.

Consistently negative interactions

According to marriage experts, happily married couples have 20 positive interactions for every one negative interaction. Conversely, couples nearing divorce have a ratio much closer to 1:1. If your number of negative interactions with your spouse equals the positive ones over an extended period of time, your marriage is probably in trouble.

You avoid your spouse

If you find yourself looking for reasons to not be where your spouse is, you may need to evaluate your marriage. If you consistently volunteer to work late even when you don’t need the money or otherwise try to spend time away from your spouse whenever possible, your marriage may be nearing its end.

A roommate relationship

Couples who are nearing the end of their marriage often begin to live more like roommates. Even if you once looked forward to lying down together every night to catch up, you may now find yourselves sleeping in different rooms. If that’s the case, the romantic aspect of your marriage may be over.

Gut instinct

Ultimately, if you find yourself dreading the thought of spending the next 50 years with the person you’re married to, you may want to consider ending the marriage before things get worse. Your gut typically tells you when you need to get out of certain situations, and your marriage is no different.

If you are experiencing some of the aforementioned signs, it may be time to file for a same-sex divorce. If you reach that decision, you should contact an attorney to represent you through the divorce process and into the next phase of your life.


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