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How having a daughter can lead to a divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2021 | Divorce |

Several common factors can cause the dissolution of marriage for couples in Ohio. Some of these factors, like a lack of communication or the burden of financial problems, are well-known to married people. But not as many people understand the relationship between children and divorce. Even fewer people are aware that the gender of a child can impact whether or not they enjoy a successful marriage.

How daughters affect divorce rates

Two economists set out a decade ago to show how children affect divorce prospects for married couples. The economists learned that married couples with daughters face a 10 percent increase in the likelihood of divorce. The research also revealed that parents who have only sons are more likely to stay in a marriage even when things are not going well.

Much speculation followed the revealing of the economist’s research as marriage and divorce experts sought to explain the higher divorce rates for couples with daughters. One psychologist believes the answer lies in the fact that 73 percent of divorces involve a woman that chooses to leave her husband. The psychologist’s theory is that a daughter’s support can become the strength and motivation a mother needs to move forward with a divorce.

Another theory is that women with boys are less likely to leave a marriage for fear of raising a son without a male role model. Research also shows that sons tend to add to a mother’s daily workload and are not as likely as a daughter to help out around the house.

Alternative perspective

Researchers at Duke University believe the answers that explain the increased divorce rates for parents with daughters exist in science. The researchers suggest that women who become pregnant amid a turbulent marriage are more likely to give birth to a daughter. The researchers assert that preexisting turmoil causes the higher divorce rates and not the different characteristics of male and female children.

The end of a marriage can be a painful experience that will forever affect the lives of every member of a family. People who are in this position may experience a smoother process after a consultation with a family law attorney.


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