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Helping LGBTQ Parents Through Child Custody Issues

We all know that LGBTQ parents love their children. What you may not know is how Ohio law deals with LGBTQ child custody disputes. At Massucci Law Group LLC, we do. We work with parents to assert their parental rights and ensure their kids’ best interests are met.

Our attorneys represent parents in the LGBTQ community who are going through divorce or are an unmarried co-parent engaged in a child custody dispute. We are here to ensure that your children’s standard of living will be maintained and that they will grow up in a stable and loving environment.

Complications In LGBTQ Child Custody Law

Ohio law presumes that the woman who gave birth to a child is that child’s sole biological mother — even if the child was the result of eggs harvested from the other mother. If a same-sex couple had a child after getting married, both are considered to be the child’s parents. However, if the couple had the child before getting married, the nonbiological parent must have a stepparent adoption performed during the marriage to have equal parental rights during and after divorce. Shared custody can be arranged when unmarried parents have a child together before separating.

No matter your circumstances, our team of lawyers will collaborate on your case to ensure the best possible strategy on behalf of your parental interests and your children’s emotional, educational and financial needs. Most of the time, we are able to negotiate a custody plan that works for you, your co-parent and — most importantly — your kids. However, we are always prepared to go to court if we are unable to reach a fair settlement.

We Are Here To Help LGBTQ Parents

Taking steps now to assert your rights as a parent greatly improves your chances of a positive result without having to go to court repeatedly. Call our Columbus office at 614-398-4267 or send us an email to arrange an in-person meeting with one of our attorneys. If you cannot come to us, we may be able to come to you.