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Child Custody And Parenting Time

Your relationship with your spouse may be ending, but you will always be a parent to your children. Once your divorce is final, you and your ex will probably continue to work together to raise your children and give them the stable, loving environment they deserve while growing up.

We are Massucci Law Group LLC in Columbus, Ohio. Our team of attorneys and support staff practices family law exclusively, with a special focus on LGBTQ family law issues. Once you retain our services, we will make your children’s best interests our top priority while working toward a child custody plan. We make every effort to reach a proper and sustainable plan with your co-parent, but we will not hesitate to argue your case in family law court in order to protect your and your children’s legal rights.

How Child Custody Works

Ohio law separates physical child custody from legal child custody. Physical custody determines whether your child will split time living at each parent’s home or live with one parent exclusively. Legal custody has to do with the right to make important decisions about your child’s life, such as what schools he or she will attend. Often, both parents retain legal custody, even when one parent is awarded sole physical custody and the other is awarded parenting time (also known as visitation).

Child Custody That Fits Your Family

We recognize that every family is unique. Our advice is grounded in our years of experience helping parents establish intelligent and compassionate child custody arrangements, based on key factors like:

  • The children’s age
  • How far apart you and your co-parent live
  • The parents’ abilities to provide a stable, nurturing home
  • The children’s special medical and educational needs, if any

We will make sure your custody plan fits your family’s lives. And if your circumstances change in years to come, we are available to modify your plan.

Beyond Parental Custody Matters

Parents are not the only ones with an interest in child custody. We represent grandparents seeking custody and help with creative family formation.

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