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You Decide What Your Family Looks Like

A family can mean more than a mother, a father and their biological children. Many people in Ohio have formed families that while not traditional, are equally loving and supportive. At Massucci Law Group LLC, our team of experienced family law attorneys helps our clients with creative family formation to give their relationships legal status and symbolically consecrate their loved one’s commitment to each other.

We Can Help You With Any Family Makeup

In our years of practice, our lawyers have assisted clients with several different configurations of families, so we are prepared to help you, no matter how “unique” your family makeup is. As a firm with a special focus on serving Ohio’s LGBTQ community, we welcome everyone looking for creative uses of family law to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Why Do I Need A Lawyer?

In many ways, you and your family do not need anything more to establish yourselves than your emotional commitment and consequent actions, such as living together and working to financially support the household. At the same time, it can pay off in the long run to formally establish parental rights over your children. This is possible even in cases where more than two adults are seeking parental status over a child because they are raising him or her collectively.

The law requires you to follow certain procedures when it comes to shared parenting and custody. If there is a biological parent out there who may challenge the proceedings, things can quickly get complicated. We will prepare all the necessary documents and file them with the court promptly. If a parental challenge arises, we will persuasively argue in your favor before the judge.

Work With Us To Make Your Family Official

Contact us at 614-398-4267 to schedule an appointment with a lawyer at Massucci Law Group LLC to discuss family formation solutions. Our office is in Columbus, and we travel the state to reach our clients.