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Useful co-parenting strategies for divorced parents

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2020 | Divorce |

Even the most civil divorce in Ohio can be difficult. Add children to the mix and the separation will be even more complex and challenging. Divorced parents need time to process their pain and cannot ignore the impact their divorce will have on their kids.

It’s important for co-parents to establish healthy co-parenting strategies. Being open and flexible with schedules can benefit both households and the children involved. Child custody arrangements are frequently determined by the court. This includes which days each co-parent will have the child. However, parents may want to allow occasional changes. For example, this may be best if the other parent wants to take the child to a movie or sporting event. After all, this would make their child happy.

Co-parents generally benefit from learning to talk with each other directly. However, poor communication may have led to the divorce in the first place. Nevertheless, now is not the time to use children as mailboxes or messengers. Kids often don’t relay messages accurately. Furthermore, this often leads to putting the child in the middle of a parental conflict.

Modern technology has made it easier for co-parents to communicate with each other directly. Email and text messaging let parents communicate without directly talking to each other. Voice messages, video chats, and cell phones make verbal communication easier now more than ever.

It can be challenging to deal with a co-parent who refuses to adhere to court-ordered custody arrangements. A family law attorney could help a client prepare or adjust child custody arrangements when necessary. They may also be able to help the client prove to the court that they are a fit parent who deserves custody.


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