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How divorcing couples might handle social media

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2019 | Divorce |

Some unhappy spouses in Ohio might be tempted to use social media to blow off steam. However, this could be a mistake if a divorce is inevitable. Anything one posts on social media could be used against them during a divorce.

Someone who is considering a divorce may want to lock down their social media entirely. This could include updating privacy settings and deleting anyone from the friends list who might cause drama. Venting should be done offline to family and friends or a therapist if necessary. Friends and acquaintances do not need to know the details of divorce disputes or what kind of agreement the couple has reached regarding property division and child custody. If the split is relatively amicable, the couple might decide on a time that they will announce the divorce on social media.

How much information is shared online about children is important to some parents. Therefore, they may want the divorce agreement to include guidelines that address this. After the divorce, parents may still want to be careful about their social media usage since things they put online could still be used against them in family court. Even ex-spouses who do not have children may want to avoid talking about one another online if they share personal and professional contacts.

Going through a divorce can be difficult. However, making an effort to avoid additional conflict may help the couple in divorce negotiations. Negotiating can allow exes to reach creative solutions for property division and child custody that suits their lifestyle. An attorney could help a divorcing client throughout the negotiation process.


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