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Experts look at high divorce rate among lesbian couples

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2020 | Divorce |

Lesbian couples in Ohio might be more likely to get a divorce than same-sex male couples or straight couples. According to figures from Belgium, the Netherlands, Scandinavia and the United Kingdom, same-sex female couples have the highest divorce rate. There might be a number of reasons this is true.

Stressors on female relationships

Money is often a factor in divorce, and since women on average make less money than men, the lack of it could cause stress that strains the marriage. Women in opposite-sex relationships also file for divorce at a higher rate than men, and this could mean that when there are two women in the marriage, the likelihood of a divorce filing is simply higher. Some therapists have theorized that women might have higher expectations in a relationship or that same-sex couples might have less access to counseling.

Other theories

One therapist suggests that women tend to move more quickly into serious relationships, and this speed could mean that it is only after marriage that incompatibilities begin to appear. This was the case for one couple who found their career goals clashed and other issues arose after they married less than a year after their first date. Same-sex couples may also be less likely to have children than opposite-sex couples, and this might make them more likely to get a divorce if they are unhappy.

Whatever the reason for it, a same-sex divorce can be a difficult process. Property must be divided, and if there are children, couples must make a decision about custody and visitation. Ideally, couples might be able to save time and money negotiating a divorce agreement instead of going to court. This is generally less stressful as well. An attorney may be able to help with these negotiations or assist with preparations for litigation if necessary.


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