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Getting through a divorce as a same-sex couple in Ohio

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2020 | Divorce |

When two people get married, they tend to think that marriage will last for years. Sometimes, arguments can occur. If the couple can no longer communicate and no longer shares the love that they once had, then it could be time for a divorce. There are several questions that need to be resolved during a divorce, and with same-sex couples, those questions could become a bit more detailed in the eyes of the law.

Same-sex couples in Ohio can seek the assistance of an attorney who can help them determine who should keep the house and how the finances should be divided. If there are children in the marriage, then an attorney can assist with determining child support and custody so that the final result is fair for both people in the marriage.

If possible, a same-sex divorce can be handled in a straightforward manner with communication between the two people involved and either an attorney or a mediator so that there is no need to go to court. In the event that the reason for the divorce is adultery or fraud, then an attorney can assist in filing the proper documents or charges against the responsible party so that the proper alimony or other types of compensation can be given.

Two women meet and get married a few months later. Even though they love each other, they find that they really don’t have as much in common as they thought. They decide that they want to divorce and seek the assistance of an attorney. The attorney can file the proper documents and have the marriage dissolved so that it’s fair for both parties.


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