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Getting prepared for divorce in the summer

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2019 | Divorce |

Couples in Ohio may find that the extra togetherness of the summer season makes existing problems even more apparent. This is one reason that divorces tend to go up during the summer months. Extra family time due to vacations and children being home from school may make it obvious that a marriage is not working out. Even more, the transitional period of the summer, while kids are not in school and even a move will not disrupt the educational year, may make a divorce less logistically challenging than at other times of the year.

According to one study, divorces tend to peak every year in August and March, closing the summer and following the holiday season. Other experts said that January, with the turn of the new year, is also a significant month for elevated divorce rates. However, they advise that preparation can be important for people to emerge successfully from the end of a marriage. Divorce is about ending a legal and financial relationship as well as a personal and emotional one. Therefore, it can be particularly important for both spouses to understand the couple’s full financial situation when considering the impact of ending a marriage.

A spouse thinking about divorce may want to accumulate key documents like bank statements, credit card bills and tax returns. Even a partner who has been less involved in finances will want to understand marital finances, including retirement funds and investment accounts. Of course, people may also want to prepare for the personal side of divorce by seeking individual or joint counseling.

When people are considering divorce, they need to plan for their future while understanding the consequences of property division and child custody. A family law attorney may provide advice and guidance throughout the process and advocate for a fair settlement of divorce legal matters.


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