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Same-sex marriage and divorce: The legal impact

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2019 | Uncategorized |

If you are in a relationship with a person of the same sex, there may come a point when you consider marriage. While you may have some concerns about tying the knot, there are a variety of legal benefits associated with doing so.

Here are some of the many things to keep in mind regarding same-sex marriage and divorce:

  • Children: Your status as a couple affects your legal rights in regard to your relationship with your children. For example, if you’re married, both individuals have the same rights and responsibilities. And if you divorce, issues regarding custody, visitation and support are handled in the same way as any married couple.
  • Property rights and division: As an unmarried couple, the person who acquires the property is the person who owns it. However, things change when you get married, as joint ownership of property comes into play. Comparing the pros and cons of marriage, as it pertains to property rights and property division, will help you decide what’s best for your situation.
  • Impact on estate planning: Estate planning is a big part of marriage, as it allows you to address key issues such as who will receive your property upon your death and what will happen to any minor children should you and your spouse pass on. Estate planning allows you to take legal steps for dealing with any potential issues, such as those concerning parental rights or the distribution of assets.
  • Government benefits: The government provides a variety of benefits to married couples, such as those associated with Social Security. However, if you remain unmarried, these never come to light. It’s not the only reason to get married, but it’s something to strongly consider.

If you’re in a same-sex relationship, it’s critical to understand your legal rights. For example, if you’re married but considering divorce, you must turn your attention to matters of child custody, child support, and property and debt division in Ohio.

The one thing to remember is that family law matters for same-sex married couples are handled the same way as any other marriage.

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