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Technology makes it easier for adopted kids to find birth parents

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2019 | Child Custody |

Adoption is a joyous event for parents and their new child. But there is often another side: a biological parent or parents who have lost their parental rights because they are unable to raise their child themselves.

There are many reasons a mother might feel they must give up their child for adoption. Whatever the circumstances, it is never easy. But it usually gives the infant the opportunity to find a loving and nurturing home with a new family.

Seeking answers about their birth family

Nevertheless, as adopted children grow up, they often have questions about their biological family, or feel a need to meet their birth parents. This happens even in cases where the adopted person had a happy childhood with the chosen parents. Though information about biological parents is generally kept confidential, with modern technology it is easier than ever for adults who were adopted as kids to find members of their biological family.

An Ohio woman’s efforts paid off when she discovered her birth mother was still alive and living just 45 minutes away. For years, the daughter knew little more than her biological mother’s maiden name. Then she submitted her DNA to an online family tree site.

That led her to a string of relatives and, eventually, her birth mom. The reunion was a nervous one at first, but both women seem happy to be in each other’s lives now.

Hiring a family lawyer helps guide you through adoption

Though adoptions are only sometimes contested, it is still important to utilize an experienced family law attorney assisting you throughout the process. Especially in cases of nontraditional adoption, mistakes can lead to frustrating and costly delays.


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