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LeeAnn M. Massucci

Fax: (614) 388-5727
“We’re all products of the experiences we’ve been through.” – LeeAnn Massucci LeeAnn Massucci’s experiences have made her the attorney she is today, and while her path may have been unconventional, it’s led h… Read More
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Eimear Bahnson

Fax: (614) 388-5727
Eimear Bahnson is the Senior Associate at the Massucci Law Group and practices exclusively in the area of Ohio family law. “Helping clients get through what is often a very difficult period is one of the most rewarding parts of my work as a family… Read More
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Colleen C. Marshall

Fax: (614) 388-5727
For more than twelve years, Colleen Marshall has successfully combined the practice of law with her work as an Emmy Award-winning broadcast journalist. In addition to her family law practice at Massucci Law Group, Colleen is co-anchor of Columbus’… Read More
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J. Collin Brown

Fax: (614) 388-5727
Columbus attorney Collin Brown devotes his practice to all areas of family law. Growing up in Upper Arlington, Collin learned the importance of service to others and leading with integrity. He knew from an early age that he wanted to follow in the fo… Read More
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Lisa L. Eschleman

Fax: (614) 388-5727
Attorney Lisa Eschleman has practiced law for 30 years and has extensive experience representing individuals and businesses in complex civil trial and appellate matters, in both state and federal courts. She also has substantial experience leading lo… Read More
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