Post-Decree Modifications And Enforcements

Once you and your former spouse finalize your divorce, it is unlikely that you will be out of each other's lives entirely — especially if the two of you have children. As co-parents, you will probably share child custody, or one of you will retain parenting time, which means you must coordinate drop-offs, vacations and so forth. If one parent has been ordered to pay child support, that parent will, absent a modification, be required to pay until the child emancipates. In addition, your divorce order may include temporary or permanent spousal support payments.

If you got divorced years ago, the terms of the decree may now be out of date. If you are seeking a modification to your child support, child custody or spousal support obligations, or if you are trying to stop your ex from making changes, contact Massucci Law Group LLC. Located in Columbus, we serve clients throughout Ohio, with a special focus on the LGBTQ community. Our team of dedicated family law attorneys also works to assist clients with post-decree enforcement actions.

Legal Representation For Post-Decree Modifications

Common factors in potential modifications of child support or spousal support include:

  • One party's income increment or reduction
  • One party has increased their future earning ability, such as through job training
  • One of the children's educational or medical costs have changed

When you come to visit us at our Columbus office, we will discuss your circumstances and what to expect. We will prepare a strong argument that serves your interests and bring it to trial, if necessary, though much of the time we are able to settle out of court. We will make sure your rights and responsibilities are up to date with your current circumstances.

Enforcement Actions And Defense

Unfortunately, disputes over child custody and support are common in Ohio. We will help you stand up against a co-parent who has stopped paying child support or has violated your parenting plan. We also defend parents against enforcement actions. We will do everything possible to make sure things are set right.

Contact us at 614-398-4267 to schedule a consultation with one of our lawyers regarding your post-decree modification or enforcement matter.